Do you struggle with day to day activities because you feel short of breath from so much anxiety? Can’t think of anything except what might go wrong? Not living in the present because you’re worried about the future? Here are some things I’ve been doing to combat mine.

There is nothing worse than waking up and realizing it’s a “bad day”. I know it from the moment my eyes open. Most days when I wake up like this, it follows me all day long from the moment I wake, to the moment it’s time for bed. Recently I’ve been trying a few things to help me cope, as well as turn my days around when I wake up feeling that way.

For a long time I didn’t talk about my anxiety because I felt like others wouldn’t know how to respond, or they would think I was crazy. It wasn’t until I grew a business via social media that I realized just how many people struggle as well, and how helpful it is to let those people know they aren’t alone. When I’m deep in anxiety and depression, I feel COMPLETELY alone. Like no one can relate and that I’ll never dig myself out of the hole I’ve buried myself in. When in reality, it’s our minds that put that power on us. While a lot of us feel these feelings because of hormones or genetics, I also believe that changing your mindset can really change the way you view your day to day.

When I wake up in the morning, I used to always grab for my phone. What did I miss while I was sleeping? Do I have any issues to deal with at work? Basically…What negativity can I FIND first thing in the morning. WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THAT? So I started putting my phone on the charger in the other room so I didn’t grab it first thing. We don’t need to start our day off listening to someone else complain or bring you down before your feet have even hit the ground. I found myself mindlessly scrolling and wasting time and energy on things that didn’t lift me up and only brought me down. 

I now start my day with a Daily Devotional called, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. I’ll link my fave in my shop! Instead of filling my mind with things that brought me down, I am filled up first thing and almost always, I feel as though that devotional spoke specifically to me. 

During the day I do the following:

Limit caffeine intake

Use social media for work and only work. I’m in and out!

Read at least 15 minutes of personal development daily. (I will share several I love in my shop)

Listen to Podcasts on anxiety in the car

GET OUTSIDE. Simply get fresh air and remind yourself what I small piece of the world you are

Call a friend or family member and talk about things that lift you up

Place a little lavender essential oils behind my ears and on my wrists

WORKOUT. It’s sometimes the last thing I want to do, but it relieves so much stress…Even if its just 20 minutes that day.


I found that my anxiety stems very much around feeling the need to BE MORE or DO MORE…I’m slowly learning that I’m ENOUGH. I don’t need to compare myself to anyone else. How much I’ve done each day or NOT day each day to determine if I was enough. I’m a mom. A wife. And have built a business from the ground up. It’s enough <3

As I get ready for bed at night, I find myself worrying about the day ahead. Here are some of the things I do to settle my nerves:

Lavender oils diffused nightly

Lavender oils sprayed on my pillow

Put my phone on the charger and watch mindless TV with my husband

Snuggle my babies (This is the best one! I take one look at them and remind myself how BLESSED we really are)

Take a bath and listen to calming music

Brain dump everything I have on my schedule for the next day on a piece of paper or my planner


I know there is no magic answer…But I hope that some of this helps anyone out there dealing with similar feelings. 

The most important thing for you to remember is that you are NEVER alone. And when you feel like its all consuming…Know that it WILL go away.